What, Who, ...

What Is ProtoThis

ProtoThis is all about prototyping and making your ideas come to life. I want to help people realize there ideas by sharing tips, knowledge and solving problems..

Who Am I

Prototyping, 3D Printing, Electronics, DIY Projects and more, as long as I am creating things (or finding out how they work) I am having fun. Even from a young age, I have always been interested in how things work. Pushing each button and tearing things apart (putting them back together was a skill I learned when I got older).

In college, I learned how to develop software and I started to create things (from simple calculators to small games). Although this was fun, I wanted to create objects I could hold and interact with, physical objects. Slowly but surely I ventured into the field of DIY projects, at first woodworking projects, but this quickly evolved into tinkering with micro controllers, soldering circuits and more.

There has been one small problem while trying to make my ideas come to life. I always needed a piece which I couldn’t find, it is either to small to create out of wood, or just being one of those things that just didn’t exist. In 2014 I bought my first 3D printer which opened a whole new world. It gave me the ability to create the missing pieces myself and allowed me to actually make my ideas become reality.

Now (2017) a few years later I have picked up some tricks. Creating things is something I really enjoy, it being a prototype or full product. So I wanted to help people do the same and thus this website was born.